The Geek is Upset with Chrome

Everyone knows that Chrome is belongs to Google. Raise your hands if you didn’t!

But did Google really have to emphasize on that fact?

Yep, I’m talking about the new “new tab” page in chrome with Google’s name splashed across the screen and my poor tabs relegated to the bottom of the page. I thought the tiles were supposed to make accessing the frequently accessed pages easier. Now what the hell is this?

Chrome New Tab

Chrome new tab: what the hell??!!

I ADORE Google, seriously. Anyone and everyone who knows me, knows this. I currently can’t breathe without Chrome and this dependency is what makes me so sensitive to the slightest change that occurs in it.

Yes, the new Interface makes accessing Google’s products much easier, and Google Doodles are now a constant reminder. But, uh. the in-your-face attitude the whole situation’s taken is seriously annoying.

If Google wants to put its name and Doodles, no one would stop them. But… the logo could have been much smaller, right? Giving space to the stuff which actually make sense on a new tab page, aka the tiled bookmarks.

Also, the “search bar” under Google’s logo reminiscent of its home page adds to the clutter and is actually redundant as well as NOT user-friendly. Chrome users are already used to searching from the address bar itself, now what’s that search-box for? Moreover, when I typed into that search box, the text actually appeared in the address bar, and to be honest it was quite unseemly.

So, yes. This Geek is DEFINITELY not happy.


P.s. If you folks are fed up with this feature and wish to switch back, here’s what to do:

1. Type “chrome://flags” in the omnibox—without the quotation marks of course

2. locate the “Enable Instant Extended API” setting in the long list, and change it from “Enable”/”Default” to “Disable.”

3. Relaunch Google Chrome

Let’s go on a topic hunt

It’s that time of the undergrad course. Oh yes, the pre-final semester of my 4-year course when I must prepare for campus, sit for multiple national level examinations like CAT and GATE (and international level ones like GRE and GMAT if interested), and still cope with the current semester’s curriculum and hold my own in the end-sem exams. AND work on a project that will ultimately account for 10 whole credits. Can somebody just kill me?

So according to the Department of Computer Science and Technology of my college CETB, we are supposed to work on a research based project as a team, and each team may consist of at most 2 members. Which is an elegantly alternative way of stating – “let’s have fun watching them squirm and burn!” I mean, I don’t mind the research-based project thing but dividing the workload among just 2 people? It sounds exhausting even before it begins, all the more especially because my friends in the Department of Information Technology can form teams of 4. Yay for us.

Well it can’t be helped – after all this isn’t some major injustice applied just to me. So the current status is – we have formed our groups (my buddy Shruti and I partnered up). We chose a generic area of interest and were assigned guides by the department. What comes next, is what’s important.


Till now, I don’t even have any particular affinity or inclination to any of the wide range of fields waiting out there – especially since I hardly know anything about them. Then only I would try and find some problem to fix, right? So yes, this is my chance to really explore what options I have before I go anywhere further.

So here I go on an area hunt, before I topic hunt… Here’s to good luck!