MangaFox Downloader v2.0’s here! [Post Updated 01/24]

Updated on 24 Jan: The next version is out! Check out the the release blog post here to see what is new… and I assure you a LOT is! I am removing the download link in this page. However, if you still want this version, it’s available in the archives page.

Original Post:

I got a few suggestions regarding the previous version of MangaFox Downloader, and now here’s a levelled-up version for you!

Download the latest version, MangaFox Downloader v2 here. (P.s. link updated! You don’t need to register in 4shared to nab the file now.)

In addition to all the functionalities previously present in the first version (Find out here), MangaFoxDownloader v2 can now get your chapter links for you by itself!

Things that have changed:

Now , if you want, you no longer need to search and enter the link to the manga chapter you want. Now you can just enter the Manga’s name in the text field.


And if the manga is present in MangaFox’s directory then voila! It’ll fetch the list of chapters available.


And then you can download all the chapters you need! However, you will need to make sure you’ve spelled the name correctly… I haven’t added a “closest hit” functionality yet, but it IS in the to-do list!


MangaFox Downloader v2 permits multiple selection, so it makes the downloader even more user friendly.

Finally, I’ve modified the naming pattern of the folders by incorporating not just the chapter name but volume name too. This is because I realised sometimes chapters names are redundant while present in separate volumes. In such a case, the previous version would have just overwritten the first occurring chapter.

So MangaFox Downloader is now much improved, and is still improving. I’d love to get more ideas so that it becomes the best one out there! 😀

And yes, it is a MangaFox Downloader for now, but very soon we will do away with the “Fox” in the name… Ambition ambition!


13 thoughts on “MangaFox Downloader v2.0’s here! [Post Updated 01/24]

  1. […] link in this post has been updated to the most recent version of MangaFox Downloader. Please view this post to check the changes and additional […]

  2. What I find excellent about this program is that there is little fuss about the interface, it is pretty intuitive. Anybody can easily use it and without the hassle of installation. I especially love how the folders are automatically named, I can easily find my files easily with a touch of the “open” button, and that I can grab the chapters that I want.

    Suggestions: I do encounter the “error” status often and it would be great if the progress and status headings became functional tabs which could be used to sort and group the “errors” together. Or even better, a “error retry” button which automatically retries multiple errors all at once.

    All in all, thank you so much for this wonderfully small and compact innovation.

    • Thank you Lis for trying my little program! I kept in mind what you said about making the status and progress headings functional, and added a few more features in the next version that I’ll be uploading later today (Just a heads up!). The error status should be less frequently encountered too, but do let me know if there are any further problems =)

      I really suggest you try it out!

  3. Thanks for such a great program.

    I was thinking about writing one myself. Hopefully, I did not have to do so 🙂

    Since this one is written in java, why don’t you try using javaFX.
    That way, you can do more with the GUI.

    For me, I love this one, simple, clean, easy to use.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks umm… @override 😀 //Love the screenName 😀
      I am not familiar with JavaFX but now that you suggested it, I’ll definitely try it out!
      I also suggest you try out the updated version of the program I’ll upload tomorrow and let me know your thoughts 🙂

  4. thanks for such a great program.
    Thanks… thankss,,,

  5. This should really be getting more publicity, it’s a great program that removes all the hassle of finding a website that others a download for manga and I’ve been needing something like this for a while because I generally read my manga offline :3 Thanks x3

  6. Does it work on internet connections accessed through proxy. If it does then I am not able to use it. It always gives an error saying check the internet connection.

  7. Where can I download it ?

  8. I made this for my self using manga scraper api, Its reliable.

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