Updated Download Link, and future changes [Updated 01/24]

Updated on 24 Jan ’14: I have removed the hyperlink in this post since it describes an older version of the software. You can download the latest version from the Manga Downloader Page. However if you still want to check out the older version, it is available in the archives.

Original Post:

I’m so so sorry folks! I’m always logged in into 4shared so I didn’t realise that nowadays the file-sharing site required you to create an account and log in before you could download anything. It’s unfair for anyone who is interested in trying out Mangafox Downloader to have to go through those extra steps first… I suppose I must have chased away potentially interested people that way unknowingly!

Well what’s done is done, the only thing I can do now is try and fix it. Here’s the latest download link, and I assure you it’s completely easy to download! I’m working on adding a few extra features before I include other sites as well and make it into a full fledged “Manga Downloader” finally!

P.S. Some extra features have already been added. You can now choose your preferred download location/folder. This is a very basic and essential feature and I’m sorry I hadn’t added it yet! I have to get better at figuring what all features MUST be added first. The next thing I’m working on is creating the .zip/.rar/.cbr/.cbz files so that it’ll be easier reading with manga reader softwares.

So here’s the link:

Get the Mangafox Downloader for free!




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