Unveiling MangaCrazy v2.5!

Update 20 Aug 2014: The program has really levelled up. Please note that the current version includes all the functionalities mentioned down below and much more too.

Here it is – the version 2.5 of my full fledged Manga Downloader, and now it has a name too! Behold MangaCrazy – the free Manga Downloader that supports both Batoto as well as Mangafox! (Update 05-Apr-2014: This strike-through is very temporary, I’m working to reclaim the lost territory! For the meanwhile, please set the search site as “Mangafox”. For further details, please check out https://bakshree.wordpress.com/2014/04/05/i-heard-there-is-a-bug/. Sorry for the inconvenience! )

Grab it for free here: This is an older version. Please download the latest version from the sidebar or from the main downloads page! You can still find this version in the archives, though.

This version is rich with features, and I hope you would like them! I have included a manga-tracking functionality that helps you remember what chapters you have already downloaded. You can also decide how the mangas are stored, chapter-wise or volume wise (if volume numbers are available, that is. Some, like webtoons, usually don’t come as volumes so they would automatically be stored chapter-wise).

When more than one sites are supported, it means that you can not only enter MangaFox or Batoto links to get the manga, but you can also merely type just the manga’s name and the program will find it for you. So this means you need to decide which site would be your first preference in search. So this version lets you decide that.

I have included one final option in the preferences – whether or not to compress the final file. Many of us read the mangas using softwares like CDisplay or Comical which support rar/zip/cbr/cbz files. MangaCrazy can, now, convert the downloaded manga into .zip files if the option is selected. It will also delete the original downloaded chapter/folder in order to save space. If you want to, you can always unzip the .zip file to get it back =)

Apart from these major changes, I have played with the GUI for a bit. A preference button beside the “Add Download” button, and having icons instead of text on buttons is just some of them. The download list is now sortable, and hopefully less error-prone. Check out the details provided in the screenshots below.

However, being a one-woman team, of course there must be some facets I must have overlooked. And I’d be extremely grateful if anybody could help me and pointed them out! I AM really grateful to the positive feedback I received from some of you folks. It drives home the realisation that my effort isn’t just whimsical and that it indeed helped someone else . So thank you for using my Manga Downloader, henceforth MangaCrazy – the free Manga Downloader =)

Just a heads up, the .jar file is a bit larger than the previous version. It is… wait for it… 102 kBs large. I hope you guys will forgive me 😛

So here’s what’s different:


You must have noticed – my little program not only has its own name (MangaCrazy) but also its own symbol/logo! What else is different? The user interface is even more intuitive, with icons present instead of text on buttons. As previously mentioned, a manga tracking option, if selected, keeps track of the mangas you download and displays the previously downloaded chapters in green so that you don’t download them again by mistake (but if you want to do intentionally, it won’t stop you!). And of course, the other new feature is that Batoto is supported. More about that later.

The gear button present next to the “Add Download” button launches the Preferences Dialog.


The Preferences dialog lets you customize MangaCrazy as per your requirement. You can select your download location, the manner in which the mangas are stored as well as choose whether or not to enable tracking.


Like I said earlier, MangaCrazy currently supports two sites – Batoto and Mangafox. So you can select which site you would prefer to download from. However, if the manga cannot be found in the preferred site, the program continues to search for it in the other site. About choosing which to set as the preferred site – while Batoto is scanslator friendly and provides better quality of scans/images, Mangafox is more structured and there are no redundant chapters (Just a brief comparison).


Many manga reader softwares like CDisplay open files in compressed form. So if you choose to, you can get your manga ready in compressed form =).

And finally, a message from this developer:


So, if you’re already here, do drop a line!!

I hope you guys enjoy this =)


The latest version coming up! [Updated]

Like I promised, I’ve been working on the manga downloader on the quiet for quite a while, and it’s ready! Well, almost. This one-woman-team cannot possibly detect all bugs errors but I’m continuously testing the poor thing 😀

And I promise it’ll be up by Sunday!

Why download it again when you already have the previous version?
1. It’s size is in 20-30 kBs, so what’s the harm?
2. It’s gotten better and better, so why miss out on the new features?!

What to look forward to? Here’s one hint: think Batoto. Yep, the little thing is no longer just a MangaFox Downloader! There are many more added features and I hope you all will look forward to them!

There is another issue though… I’ve been oscillating between calling the program Manga Downloader and MangaFox Downloader, and now that it’s become a full fledged manga downloader (supporting >1 sites), it needs a name. I’m thinking of calling it MangaCrazy (yeah, really innovative 😛 But hey, it drives home the right message, eh?) Any suggestions? 😀

See you all on 19th Jan then! 🙂


Updated on 20 Jan:

I had to break my promise… I had these stupid class tests that I had thought would be easy… and boy was I wrong… So there is going to be a slight delay in the release. I’m testing the very final test cases, and if I’m not wrong, I’m going to release VERY VERY soon… And I already have ideas about what to go on with next!


Updated on 24 Jan:

Well, the new version is up! Check out my post here for further details: http://wp.me/p3PgFh-2R

Happy New Year!

And before you know it, I have to end the dates with “14” and I hadn’t even really gotten used to 2013; occasionally I’d slip and write “2012” instead. Time seems to be flowing at an accelerated rate indeed! :O

2013 has been pretty kind to me, and I hope 2014 would turn out to be generous. I’ve had plenty of fun playing around with Manga Downloader and I’ve already added a set of extra features and I’ll release the new version pretty soon. I’m also pretty energised by a few positive comments about the little program – I’ll never ever underestimate the power of comments!

I’m also keeping an eye open about getting involved in open source projects – more like I’m really looking forward to contribute! So here’s to a new beginning!