The latest version coming up! [Updated]

Like I promised, I’ve been working on the manga downloader on the quiet for quite a while, and it’s ready! Well, almost. This one-woman-team cannot possibly detect all bugs errors but I’m continuously testing the poor thing šŸ˜€

And I promise it’ll be up by Sunday!

Why download it again when you already have the previous version?
1. It’s size is in 20-30 kBs, so what’s the harm?
2. It’s gotten better and better, so why miss out on the new features?!

What to look forward to? Here’s one hint: think Batoto. Yep, the little thing is no longer just a MangaFox Downloader! There are many more added features and I hope you all will look forward to them!

There is another issue though… I’ve been oscillating between calling the program Manga Downloader and MangaFox Downloader, and now that it’s become a full fledged manga downloader (supporting >1 sites), it needs a name. I’m thinking of calling it MangaCrazy (yeah, really innovative šŸ˜› But hey, it drives home the right message, eh?) Any suggestions? šŸ˜€

See you all on 19th Jan then! šŸ™‚


Updated on 20 Jan:

I had to break my promise… I had these stupid class tests that I had thought would be easy… and boy was I wrong… So there is going to be a slight delay in the release. I’m testing the very final test cases, and if I’m not wrong, I’m going to release VERY VERY soon… And I already have ideas about what to go on with next!


Updated on 24 Jan:

Well, the new version is up! Check out my post here for further details:Ā


One thought on “The latest version coming up! [Updated]

  1. hey, i’ve download the v5.3, but i cant download any manga with it. it kept saying error in the download queue.. i’ve tried using all sources available, but still error..

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