Losing my mind

Yeah, you read that right.

See… I’ve realised something. Every year in my college fest Xtasy, I lose something. It’s sort of mandatory: every Xtasy, this poor girl has to lose/misplace FOREVER, something at the very least. ‘Somethings‘ sometimes, too.

Need proof?

In my first year, during the very first Xtasy, I banged my knee and had to LOSE the chance to witness it all in the first place -_-.

In my second year… I lost Xtasy itself. (It got cancelled).

In my third year, I lost a scientific calculator (IDK why it was in my bag -_-), an umbrella (my fourth one in 2 years), a something-I-mustn’t-publicly-reveal, and a couple of Kilos (no complaints about that one)…

This Xtasy… I lost my coordinator badge, a bunch of pens (yeah yeah they’re all minor)… and my mind -_-.

I’ve gone crazy… hallelujah!

So I thought I should revive KD and put up a crazy post 😀 I missed you, blog! Though I’m not a fan of the current template – God knows why I chose it… 

TO DO: Change Blog Template ASAP!