I heard there is a BUG!

See, it seems there is a problem. TWO, in fact! *Oh God*

First – Batoto.net did something. They changed their site’s format or something, I haven’t really investigated what, but MangaCrazy is able to extract only first few chapters of a manga, and that too incompletely… Argh! Good news is, Mangafox is still accessible. Mangafox is currently making some manga titles (once they are licensed) inaccessible in certain countries, but fear not. MangaCrazy can still download them!

So folks, make sure that the site you’re searching is Mangafox in the Options/preferences… Currently Batoto is the default site. I’ll fix this ASAP. (Sorry for the inconvenience! 😦 )

Second – MangaCrazy didn’t run well on Windows 8! I do NOT have Win8, so I had no way of checking on that platform and just blindly trusted omnipotent JRE. But then I wanted to show off my little program to my cousin who downloaded it on HIS Win 8… Guess what? Didn’t work -_- I’m not sure it was just his system, or is this true for all Windows 8 systems? I would be eternally grateful if you guys could just give the program a trial on whatever platform you use and let me know if you faced any problems. (The link is on the sidebar)


Going crazy,



11 thoughts on “I heard there is a BUG!

  1. HEY great program but i was trying to download naruto and bleach using mangafox and gave me error in the status

    • Thank you for trying it out Dave! Can you explain the situation where you got the error? I checked myself and it downloaded fine.
      1. Did the download stop halfway or did it just stay at 0%
      2. Did you try restarting the download

      This would help me out in narrowing down the suspect list! πŸ˜€

  2. Hello, I just discovered this software and tried using it. My OS is windows 8 and I managed to make it run somehow but I can’t change the download directory from “C:\Windows\system32/My Mangas”.
    I guess this is the source for all the troubles, since I can’t download anything either, it gives me an error. And it never starts just says error after adding the download task. I hope you can correct this easily.
    Thank you for the hard work by the way.

    • Yes, that’s true. If the download location is β€œC:\Windows\system32/My Mangas” then the download won’t start at all and just show “error”. Can you tell me if you could open the preferences from the menu at all? That’s the problem I faced when I tried running it in Win8 platform…

      Thank you for reporting this, I’m gonna fix this ASAP. πŸ™‚

  3. Sorry for the late reply. Yes I can open the preferences, and I can change other settings and save them, but when I change the download location it reverts back to default when I click save.
    Thank you for the fix.

    • Thank you again for reporting the error, Anon! Will get right to it and will let you know as soon as I fix these problems! πŸ™‚ I will be free only after this Sunday, though #HecticSchedule :/
      Just a last question though… You haven’t stored the .jar file in a system folder like system32 or Program Files, right? πŸ˜€

  4. I tried it on a different location, but nothing changes. Also it wasn’t in a system folder before.

    • Hi, I am currently working on the downloader, however it isn’t acting up for me :/ Would you mind if I asked you to try one more thing? The location where you have stored the MangaCrazy.jar file (if you still have it! πŸ˜€ ) should contain a config.properties file. Can you tell me if it is present or not? And secondly (I know I said one thing..sry!), you may open that file with notepad and change the location, but I will definitely try to make it so that folks don’t have to do that!

  5. Hello! Thanks for your program. I totally liked it considering its written in java language right? I mean I also write some java programs myself too.

    Well, enough about me, I kinda detected something when I downloaded from and searched and downloaded , the program seems to download a part on some of the chapters. There seems to be no completed downloads on my part. I already tried pausing/resuming downloads, but it doesnt seem to work.

    Check it out.


    • Hi Rin, thanks for using MangaCrazy! It seems like you hit some temporary network issue that the downloader detected… Did you encounter the same problem when you used MangaCrazy again? If you did, could you run the program from console/terminal/command prompt and send me a screenshot of the error message? That would be a great help if it’s an error I can fix!


  6. MangaCrazy 5.2 working at Windos 8, but aways freeze.

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