Getting BACK into the game!

‘Back’ into the game? So where was I till now?

Well, I was (and still am) doing some of the few crappy things all final year under-grads seem to HAVE to do. That includes job-hunting, the very important Final Year Project, a bit of soul-searching, and contemplating sanyaas (look that up, will you?). But every now and then I’d get comments about MangaCrazy, my crazy little Manga Downloader (be it compliments or bug reports) that would set my heart a-flutter. That my little code is roaming the world, REALLY makes me feel ecstatic!

So I finally sat down to examine my code (I haven’t touched it since February, I think. Life truly did intrude…) and guess what. It’s a mess.

There are portions of codes from previous versions that I’d just improvised, and they’re truly dragging down the downloader. There is un-optimized code everywhere, which I, with my programmer-pride, refused to see/acknowledge. But now with a fresh perspective, they truly stand out and make my head hurt. And I haven’t even gotten to fixing the bugs part yet!

So while I re-acquaint myself with the 3000 odd lines of crazy code, please keep on reporting bugs so that I come up with a mega-upgraded version! And once again, really, thank you for downloading MangaCrazy! God knows I’m not affiliated to BrotherSoft or CNet or anything (I don’t think the program has that kinda ‘status’ aka I haven’t mustered the courage to put the program there 😛 ). So it’s an honor that you trust me, or the program J

Oh, and I think I should let you know… (Since it IS a blog and not everything in Geekista is about MangaCrazy!)

  1. I got a job offer
  2. I was instrumental in revamping my college’s blog and it was a smashing hit!
  3. I’m gonna vote this year (finally!)
  4. My final semesters haven’t gotten over yet and this is me multitasking in the gap between 2 papers

As Sherlock Holmes would say, “The game is afoot!”




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