Behold MangaCrazy v3.0!

I’m very sorry for the very long wait! It definitely took me longer than I thought to finish my other responsibilities before I could get down to work on my poor Downloader – and honestly a lot of other stuff is still pending. I got a job (yay) and I have tons of paperwork to complete before I leave, but still I somehow did manage to sneak some time for my pet project 😀 So behold the new version! And here’s a treat: MangaCrazy v3.0 now supports and!! ^_^ Just select the site you want to search in, enter the manga’s name and voilà! new I worked on fixing the Batoto part too, but there wasn’t much I had to do. I realised what was wrong only now: Batoto does not host many licensed mangas. So while the chapters would show up using the other sites, Batoto would fail… And I thought it was a bug in my program 🙂 #phew I have fixed some issues with the compression, so hopefully now the errors would be more infrequent. The chapter/volume storage needed a bit of tweaking too, and now it’s done. I had planned v3.0 really ambitiously, had aimed to add much more sites, but sadly I ran out of site names! These are the sites I frequent the most. If you guys visit/prefer some other sites, please, do mention them in comments so that I can add them too! And for those who are newbies and don’t have any preference, here are a few tips:

  1. If you want your manga to be stored in really systematic manner, go for MangaFox
  2. If you want your scans/images to be of high(er) quality,goforBatoto. Of course, accordingly the image size would be larger (not too much though))
    1. However, some licensed mangas are unavailable in Batoto
    2. Batoto being scanslator-friendly, the naming might be a bit off, but I have made it to be as systematic as possible
  3. Between MangaReader and MangaBird, I have no preferences. Sometimes MangaReader loads faster, and sometimes MangaBird uploads the raws (aka spoilers), so if you can’t wait for the translations…!

I wish to thank all you people who took some time to leave behind your comments. And I hope you would like this one too. And naturally, being a sort of airhead, I might have overlooked some test-cases and situations. So if you run into any problems or find any bugs, please let me know!

Geekista 🙂

Download MangaCrazy v3.0! [Size ~ 108 kB]  The file has been moved to archives. Please download the latest version from the main MangaCrazy Downloads page, or from the sidebar. Thank you!



10 thoughts on “Behold MangaCrazy v3.0!

  1. Thank you very much for all your hard work! I really appreciate your efforts ❤
    I'm using it right now and there's no problems so far …great job!
    It's nice, simple and works for mac too! I like it!! ^______^
    thanks a lot!!

  2. Win7 ult 64bit i7 930, Issues are the app keeps deferring to mangafox no matter what I do with the settings in the GUI. No fooling with the GUI corrected this issue.
    ANYHOW I opened the properties file in notepad and set preferred site to 2 instead of 1. Once saved and the app restarted it gave the proper URL for batoto when I copied link address, instead of mangafox.
    It will dl and give a “error” and wont compress the images to a zip. I get a folder with the files so it works there! I think it might be because the os wants admin level access or some screwy thing as you cannot run jar as admin etc. The app helped a lot as I was able to fetch chapters that are long dead on the scanlators DDL links.

  3. What an amazing little program. I cam upon its name by chance reading the mangatraders thread on mangaupdates.
    Everything seems to work very well and I just can’t thank you enough!

    The only suggestion from me is if you can add mangastream.

    • Thank you so much, Left! Your appreciation means a lot! And I had no idea that my program was mentioned in any thread, anywhere… I’m really curious now and I’d be really grateful if you left a link! 😀

      About MangaStream, cool suggestion! I’ll add it to my to-do list 🙂

      • Hi, I tried to find the thread but couldn’t. It was basically a thread on the biggest online database for manga (it doesn’t host anything, it just provides info). You should check it out if you haven’t been on the site before but I’d be surprised if you haven’t been .(

      • Haha, it’s alright 🙂 Of course I have visited MangaUpdates often; I was just pleased to discover that MangaCrazy was mentioned somewhere!

  4. It is beautifully made and it is easy to use. I fully appreciate the effort that you have made for this software which in turn benefit me. May you live a prosperous life and may everyday is a happy day for you. I pray you for that.. Again, Thanks..

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