Mangacrazy v3.5 – A fresh UI, and revamped algorithm

Lo and behold, version 3.5 is here! I’m sorry for the late update… Not sure if you know, but I am 2 months into my new (and first) job, away from home, and working for almost 12 hours ( 😥 ). Gone are the carefree college days. There is one perk though: I’m spending my time coding; I’m getting paid for something I love to do. So Geekista is mollified.

Back to the topic, this upgrade is very, very essential. There was a major assumption in my search algorithm, which sometimes selected the wrong manga. It’s fixed now, let me assure you. Thanks, Nahla, for pointing it out! I also want to thank all the others who left such wonderful, encouraging comments and took time to mail me, and mentioned me on Twitter! They really make my day.

I have also played with the UI a bit. I have not changed the color/theme in order to keep the interface familiar, but hopefully it will feel smoother now. So if you use MangaCrazy, thank you so much, but please get this latest version!

As usual, the file size is ~110KB. The download link is present in the main download page, and on the sidebar. Happy Manga downloading!

[Note: After seeing that some of you are interested, I have enabled elaborate error messages in the console. So if you run the application from there, you would be able to find out exactly what went wrong. And I’ll be extremely grateful if you reported those messages to me so that I’ll be able to fix them too. Thank you!]

Dude. 1570 downloads!

I don’t really notice my blog stats… It’s something I used to do when I started blogging, and it was really really frustrating keeping track of an unheard-of blog, and so I just stopped. And today while randomly exploring my blog, I stumbled across a couple of facts.

Site traffic: 8500+.

No of times MangaCrazy was downloaded: ~1600.

Holy Mother!

I’m shocked, speechless, and, well, dumb struck! I had no idea that my little program helped so many people out! And while it’s a realization that sets in every time someone leaves behind a compliment, review or suggestion, the numerics as a matter of fact have a wholly different kind of impact.

I keep finding bugs myself every time I use my own software (I’m a very strict evaluator, even when it comes to myself 😛 ), so I promise I will update and release a newer version as soon as I can (new job and all… life is a bit hectic at the moment!)

So till then, please put up with this slightly faulty but earnestly written program, and thank you all for your support!