Dude. 1570 downloads!

I don’t really notice my blog stats… It’s something I used to do when I started blogging, and it was really really frustrating keeping track of an unheard-of blog, and so I just stopped. And today while randomly exploring my blog, I stumbled across a couple of facts.

Site traffic: 8500+.

No of times MangaCrazy was downloaded: ~1600.

Holy Mother!

I’m shocked, speechless, and, well, dumb struck! I had no idea that my little program helped so many people out! And while it’s a realization that sets in every time someone leaves behind a compliment, review or suggestion, the numerics as a matter of fact have a wholly different kind of impact.

I keep finding bugs myself every time I use my own software (I’m a very strict evaluator, even when it comes to myself šŸ˜› ), so I promise I will update and release a newer version as soon as I can (new job and all… life is a bit hectic at the moment!)

So till then, please put up with this slightly faulty but earnestly written program, and thank you all for your support!



A penny for your thoughts...

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