Mangacrazy v3.5 – A fresh UI, and revamped algorithm

Lo and behold, version 3.5 is here! I’m sorry for the late update… Not sure if you know, but I am 2 months into my new (and first) job, away from home, and working for almost 12 hours ( 😥 ). Gone are the carefree college days. There is one perk though: I’m spending my time coding; I’m getting paid for something I love to do. So Geekista is mollified.

Back to the topic, this upgrade is very, very essential. There was a major assumption in my search algorithm, which sometimes selected the wrong manga. It’s fixed now, let me assure you. Thanks, Nahla, for pointing it out! I also want to thank all the others who left such wonderful, encouraging comments and took time to mail me, and mentioned me on Twitter! They really make my day.

I have also played with the UI a bit. I have not changed the color/theme in order to keep the interface familiar, but hopefully it will feel smoother now. So if you use MangaCrazy, thank you so much, but please get this latest version!

As usual, the file size is ~110KB. The download link is present in the main download page, and on the sidebar. Happy Manga downloading!

[Note: After seeing that some of you are interested, I have enabled elaborate error messages in the console. So if you run the application from there, you would be able to find out exactly what went wrong. And I’ll be extremely grateful if you reported those messages to me so that I’ll be able to fix them too. Thank you!]

33 thoughts on “Mangacrazy v3.5 – A fresh UI, and revamped algorithm

  1. where is da fucking download link?!?! please make it HUGE!!! in fact i dont want to read anything, just download the fucking thing. make your homepage point to a single HUGE FUCKING LINK TO THE DOWNLOAD!!
    seriously… fuck!
    and if the download link is the one on the right its broken,… just sayng…

  2. Hey, thanks for that nice little application. Question: Can you make the downloader queue the chapters for downloads? If I select several ones, pretty much all of them bug out and say “completed” or “error” or something like that.

    • Hi, thanks for trying out this program. Just a quick question – does it say ‘Completed’ before 100% progress is reached?

      • Yep, otherwise I wouldn’t have said it “bugs out” 😛
        There was nothing downloaded, the chapter is at 0% but it says “completed” and is highlighted green. The “error” notification happens randomly. Sometimes downloading works, sometimes it doesn’t. Keep in mind, this is all with Batoto being the source. No idea if this changes anything or not.
        Also, regarding the source…at times it takes the results when I look for something from Mangafox even though Batoto is and was always selected. That happens rarely though.

      • The last thing is because of a new setting I have included – that if a title is not found the preferred site, the downloader will keep on searching in other sites. And that reminds me – I have to mention this as a feature (!!)

        If you don’t mind, could you run the program from command prompt/console and send me a screenshot of the error message? That would help me a lot! Thanks!

  3. hey thanks, for before Version.. but now my country cant download from mega.. please make another download link for it ( like mediafire, zippyshare, sendspace or mirrorcreator )..

    Thanks a bunch

    • Hi ronggostar! Thanks for using MangaCrazy! I’m sorry to hear that Mega is inaccessible… I do not own an account in any of the sites you mentioned, but I definitely need to make one. I promise to sign up in one of them this weekend.. Do come back and check in!

  4. one more thing is i am internet newbie, idk how to use download proxyservers/hidemyip? or whatever it does mean..

  5. Hm, I wouldn’t want anything from Mangafox though since they have marked all their pages with that text that says it was uploaded to Mangafox and blabla. Maybe make that feature optional or state which source the chapter is from?

    I do mind 😛 I’m currently not at home and won’t be until pretty much Saturday, so I can’t help until then. I guess you mean via java console? You would need to teach me that because I haven’t bothered with it so far. Or at least I would have to take a loot at it. All I know is that when I’m running this application, it doesn’t show the console or anything that indicates that I’m running java…unlike stuff from the internet which requires it.

    • Hmmm, I think I’ll make the feature optional 🙂 . Nice idea!
      Haha, I’m glad it’s not really evident it’s running from java! It’s fine, I’m happy with any help I can get… About running from Console, I have explained in detail in the main downloads page (just scroll down 😀 ) If you try, let me know how it went!

  6. I don’t know what to say – epic. An update less than a month after the previous one. Thank you so much.

  7. how to make .zip compression work? it always displays error and leaves things just downloaded in folder

  8. Hi just stumbled upon this! This is simply amazing and a godsend for me ‘coz I was a mangatraders user 😥

    • Hi Maki! Thanks for using MangaCrazy! Yeah, what happened to MangaTraders was a huge blow to the manga-loving community 😦

      • Totally agree. Anyway, great work! You don’t even have to install anything: I use this java launcher so I can use Mangacrazy everywhere 😀

        I don’t know if is just me, but I can’t download anything from batoto. Is it because they changed their domain?

        Again, GREAT work!

      • Hi gonzalo! Thanks for using MangaCrazy! Sorry for the late reply… Yes, there were issues in Batoto because of the domain shift, but I have fixed that. The next version will be up later this week, so keep an eye here!

        And thanks for the java launcher idea – I had no clue! I might put it up in the Downloads page too! 😀

  9. Thank you very much! I really appreciate your dedication in improving this further. Your simply amazing 🙂

    There is however a slight problem — although I selected Batoto as the source, it keeps on downloading from Mangafox instead. Is there anything I should do? So instead of typing the title, I copied the link of each chapter and it somehow worked. Anyways, MangaCrazy helped me a lot 😀

    • Hi Yamo! welcome you are, and thanks for using MangaCrazy! Yes, there are issues with Batoto, and I’m happy to tell you that I have sorted out this particular problem! Do look forward to a hassle-free experience in the next version 🙂

  10. This is plain awesome! just what i was looking for since MangaTraders was taken down, my only issue is that, if downloading from Batoto, i’d show “error” two out of three times, specially if I select all the chapters at the same time, so i’m actually downloading one at a time, sitll get it kinda often 😦

    • Hi Xecu! Thanks for using MangaCrazy! About Batoto, I’m getting many reports of issues, so I’m going to fix it asap. So please look forward to the next version!

  11. Hi just want to tell you, good job on this downloader, one thing though, for some reason it keeps getting downloads from mangafox even if the preferred site I put in is Batoto even if the manga is available in Batoto, any way to fix this?

    • Hi there, Atomic Noogle! Thanks for using MangaCrazy 🙂 Yes, it was happening so because Batoto had shifted domains to and thus the downloader was not able to find the manga. This bug has been fixed, so do keep an eye out for the next version coming out later this week!

  12. does it work on win 8.1 . I have the latest version and its just not working saying the resource is inaccessible which was such a downer .. Am I missing something or it does not work on win 8.1 .

    • Hi Tony, thanks for trying MangaCrazy! MangaCrazy may not work on win8 because of some Java compatibility issues, but then I’m considering making a Windows app… Interested? 😀

  13. wtf is this
    how do i download the manga without ERROR?
    please fix it

  14. where is the Application or the Software?

    when i download it… its a “.jar file”

    then when i open it…

    its FULL of “PNG images” anf “File Class”

    where is the application? or software in it?

    heres the site where i download the app:!BI4CxSgJ!rLk6d4oDOS5joC2LkGMJuFQI82xVyooLw1Wujgzo198



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