Merry Christmas, and MC 5.3 is here!

Merry Christmas guys! It’s my favorite time of the year even though I’m not Christian – I mean who can resist the Christmas trees, the carols, the reindeer! (Goofy, wacky grin right here). And it also signifies that the year’s ending, so we can leave behind all our worries and stride into the next year and start afresh! (Well, one can hope, right!)

Anyway, I won’t chatter much and give you guys the news: MC v5.3 is here!

I wish I didn’t have to number it so… I haven’t added any new features. It’s just MangaFox that works; I could spare only an hour so it was the most I could do… But I indeed have fixed the trailing .tokenxyz issue that was present, and hopefully you guys will find that the images are named in a more consistent fashion.

But I hope you can find the mangas you want on MangaFox for now, and I will incrementally work on the other sites and release in a couple of weeks or so (I’m all booked for the New Years’ weekend, sorry fellas!).

So Merry Christmas guys, and this Santa brings y’all MC v5.3 🙂

Download Link


MangaCrazy is not working? Why?!

To all the people who have visited my website to report the news, thank you all and sorry it has taken me this long to respond! No, the “website staff” has not vanished… because, well, I’m the lone ranger 😀 I have been a lot busy with academics and work lately, so I haven’t even had time to read mangas (horror!). So I didn’t realize MC started to show errors.

So why isn’t MC not working? Because I do not own the manga contents… MC fetches it for you from the host sites. And those sites have undergone an update, which means MC needs to change the way it operates as well. I will have to dig in a little, but I do not anticipate much difficulties to get at least one or two host sites working, or even more – it all depends on the time I have, and the time it takes to make the changes. Anyway,  I promise I will work on it in my free time this Christmas.

So hold on for about 10 days, and stay tuned!