Archives: MangaCrazy – the free Manga Downloader

You can always find the latest version to download from the home page/ Downloads Page. But if you are interested, here are the links to previous versions (starting from the time the program ACTUALLY started functioning like a manga downloader. Enjoy!

1 Apr 2016 – MangaCrazy v5.2

29 Oct 2015- MangaCrazy v5.1

08 Mar 2015 – MangaCrazy v5.0

14 Nov 2014 – MangaCrazy v3.9(139KB)(You can also find it in the Downloads Page)

18 Aug 2014 – MangaCrazy v3.5(110KB)

26 May 2014 – MangaCrazy v3.0 (108 kB)

24 Jan 2014 – MangaCrazy v2.5 (102 kB)

28 Nov 2013 – MangaFox Downloader v2.0 (25 kB)

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