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Hi guys! I have noticed that many of you face similar problems and have to wait for an answer from me. So I have consolidated some of the most frequently asked questions and the answers to them here. If you have any other queries or the answers here do not help, please add them as comments here. If it’s an error you are about to report, I suggest you taking a peek at this page: Reporting Error. Remember to go through the previous questions as well – maybe I have already provided the solution!

1. Double-clicking MangaCrazy.jar opens WinRar/Nokia OVI/any other software instead of running the program. What should I do?

If the file does not run on double clicking:

  1. Please check if you have (the latest version of) JRE installed on your system.[JAVA 8]
  2. Check your .jar file association – it might have gotten associated with some other program like WinRar (esp in case of Windows). However, don’t worry as this can be fixed. This is how: I’ve tested it myself and it works.
  3. But if it doesn’t, there is the command line way.
  • Command line way: From terminal or command prompt, go to the location where you have stored the MangaCrazy.jar file and type:

java -jar MangaCrazy.jar

2. I connect to Internet via proxy, but MangaCrazy uses the default connection. Is there a way out?

Yes, Proxy settings are available in MangaCrazy from version 5.2. If there are problems, Java provides a way to use proxy connections. Here is a link that will definitely help you: How do I configure proxy settings for Java?.

3. I want to paste a link in MangaCrazy, how can I?

If you are using MCv5, then right-clicking on the textboxes will give you the option to copy/paste text. If you are using an older version (MCv3.9 or lower), then you can use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+C/CTRL+V (for Windows and Linux), or Cmd+C/Cmd+V (For Mac OSX).

4. MangaCrazy is downloading the images but not compressing the files/ My preferences for MangaCrazy are not getting saved. What’s wrong?

There might be permission-issues, that is, the folder where you have kept MangaCrazy in/saved your mangas in may not permit MC to carry out certain actions. I suggest you shift to a new folder in a relatively mild location like Desktop/Downloads and try again. If you still face problems, please let me know.

5. I am getting a “No Internet” error message even though I can open sites in my browser. What’s wrong?

Well, the No Internet error message basically encompasses two situations: Firstly, internet issues on your side, and Secondly, internet issues in the site you are trying to download mangas from. It maybe that the server the site is hosted on is overloaded or is slow to respond. Try again later, or switch to another site. If you continuously face the problem, then report the error down below.

6. When is the next version of MC coming up?

MangaCrazy is a personal project; I do not receive any monetary satisfaction or any sort of recognition. I also have other hobbies and interests, as well as my studies. So I can’t devote much time to MC. That being said, I do love mangas, and I am continually amazed by the response and encouragement you people give me and my downloader. So, though not lightning-fast, there will be more versions, and I will let you know when 🙂

29 thoughts on “MangaCrazy: FAQs

  1. Hey, first of all, thanks for the program, it is really a useful thing to have.
    However, I’ve noticed that, more often than not, many of the downloaded images are corrupted in some way, either blurry or with grey bars.
    This happens both if I download chapter by chapter or the entire manga at once. And then, when I delete the corrupted files and download again, all is fine.
    It’s a bit tiresome to always sift through the images in search of the bad ones (which again, some always are), so is there any way to make this awesome program even more awesome and correct this?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Cainite, thanks for using MangaCrazy! I had never encountered this problem, but it does sound tiresome. I will try and fix this ASAP!
      Cheers, Geekista

      • Hi! Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I don’t know how to help further. This doesn’t happen every time and so far I haven’t established any rules… I’m a bit of a neat freak, as I organize tankobons in pdfs for my collection (against all will, it’s still hard to come by printed manga in my country) and that’s where this problem hits me… I have no idea if all images are correct, unless I check manually… Now, if I take it slow and download chapter by chapter, it’s easier to track mistakes and they do seem to happen less… Once again, thanks for all your hard work, even if this issue persists, it’s a great program and I would highly recommend it to anyone unable to buy manga normally. Cheers!

    • I have the same situation!!!

  2. Hey there, love the software! But is there an option to limit the number of ongoing downloads? I feel a bit guilty downloading all the chapters at once because of how much bandwith I must be taking from the site that I’m downloading from.

    • Hi Otherguy, that’s something that’s been dwelling on my mind! I’m gonna try and do that 😀 Thanks for the suggestion!

      Edit: I did fix this issue in v5.2! 🙂

  3. It happen for me as well, once every third chapter or something an image is broken or blurry.

  4. First of all, thanks for providing this program. It was working just fine for me for quite a while, then stopped working entirely a little while ago. If I try to search in 5.0 it says “No internet connection” (I am connected). If I try to search in the older version, it says “Please check if manga name entered is correct or else the resource may be currently inaccessible so please try again”. If you can help at all with this problem, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

    • Hi Bigg, can you try changing the default site and search again? Or rather, try accessing the site from a browser manually – this error can come up if the site in question is itself slow in responding. Do let me know what you find.


      • Hi !
        First of all, a big thank you for this tool !
        It worked great but now everytime I try to make a search on mangafox I get a “no internet connection!” error message :/
        Any idea how I could fix this ?

      • Hi Fredo,
        I”m sorry for the late response. Can you send me a screenshot of the error message by opening the program from command prompt? I have explained it under “Reporting Errors” sections.


      • Hello Jisha and thank you for the reply.

        I’m not anymore facing the problem, may be it was related to my connection or MangaFox at the time.
        Anyway it works fines now so I’m happy 🙂

  5. Hi.. When I finished downloading the chapters the folder of the manga were empty o.o What do I do? D:
    Does it run well in windows 8?

  6. Does this run on OS X? Because yes I’m able to open it but i can’t download any manga

    • Hi alxyz,
      yes, MangaCrazy runs on OS X. Can you try running the program from console (Check out the page on Reporting Errors for more details) and send me the error message? It would help me figure out what’s wrong…


  7. Hi !
    First of all a Big THANK YOU for this tool !
    It worked great for me but does not anymore with mangafox, I have a “No internet connexion!” error message whenever I make a search on that site (it responds well in internet browser). Any idea how I could fix it ?

  8. Hi !
    First of all, a big thank you for this tool !
    It worked great but now everytime I try to make a search on mangafox I get a “no internet connection!” error message :/
    Any idea how I could fix this ?

  9. Hi, great program, I tried it recently and works fine. Amazing job.

    I post here some problems that I had.
    When I download files from mangago and mangareader works well, but if I try to download from mangareader and bato it turn me ever into error problem.

    Thanks for your great job and sorry for my english.

    • Hi kakaculete, I know Batoto issues are not yet resolved; I released this early since there were many other features that were introduced, and fixing Batoto issues would take a while.

      About mangareader, is the error problem frequent?

      Thanks for using MC!

      • Mangafox seem to have changed settings yet again – getting continual errors even when downloading a single chapter of any manga. Ran the error tracker but no error message came up (may just be me doing it wrong)

      • Yes, the sites are a pain in this regard. They keep changing, and I have to change my codes all over again!

  10. thank you so much for your program. i find it very useful but i have run into a problem where the downloaded cbz files will display the files in the wrong order 1,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19, 2, 20, 21, etc. this problem also occurs when i set the default to .zip. i was able to track this problem down to the naming system that manga crazy uses, however i cannot find a solution other than to manually add a 0 before pages 1-9. is there a way to have manga crazy label them differently automatically or some other fix that i don’t know about?

  11. Last 3 days any download fails immediately with error after pre-allocating. Tried both 5.2 and 3.9 as well as checking java was updated but to no avail.

  12. I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to search for Scanlations on MangaFox website… After entering mangga title, it sort of vanishes from the search bar… Using v5.2

  13. Hello, thank you for the wonderful Manga Downloader.
    But I just have a problem right now, it seems that I cannot search anything even when I switch to Mangafox, Mangago etc….
    Please help me, thank you very much!

    • Hi Kamoyann, I am very happy that you tried using MangaCrazy. However, for various reasons, I have decided to stop supporting or updating MC. I regret the inconvenience caused, and apologies for replying late.


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