Reporting Errors

First of all, I want to thank you guys for reporting the errors/problems you face – fixing them means stepping further towards perfection! And there are times when just adding some extra information would help a lot in fixing them.

First, run the program from console. This is how:

1. Open your console/terminal/command prompt.


2. Navigate to the folder where you have MangaCrazy saved.


3. Type in the following command:

java -jar MangaCrazy.jar


4. The program will open as usual, while the command prompt will remain in the background.



5. When you face the error, check the console, an error message should be visible.


Just send me the error message, even a screenshot will do!

No need to run the program this way all the time! If you notice that MangaCrazy is not doing something it is supposed to do, try this and drop me a line!

Link to Download Page