In the wake of calamity

No, this isn’t a geeky post – so why am I posting here? I do own a second blog, Klutz Diaries to post my random thoughts…

But this one isn’t random. It’s incredibly relevant, and thus it has to be here.

I’ve already made multiple Facebook updates about this and maybe some may think I’m overreacting, or just plain freaking out. The much unwelcome Phailin is moving in, and we’re all sitting ducks – this fact is enough to freak anyone out. So yes, I’m scared. I wasn’t in Orissa when the super-cyclone of 1999 uprooted and upstaged life and property, so while many others can claim to be experienced veterans I’m just a noob.

But that’s not it – I’m thankful too.

Thankful? Yes, it sounds seriously weird I know, but I am thankful. Because, at least we know what’s coming, and take measures. Since yesterday my family (except my little brothers) has been scurrying around, hoarding food water and making lists of what we’d need. Why are we being like this, being jittery and unable to stay put, going over the lists again and again wondering if we left something out, an oversight we’d regret…

Because even though we side-stepped the super-cyclone of 1999… we couldn’t escape the Bhuj earthquake of 2001.

And know what? This is why I say I’m thankful – because you know a Cyclone is coming thanks to IMD… We had no inkling of the earthquake then, and I tell you, the constant fear and when the disaster catches you unawares, your very unpreparedness becomes your Achilles’ Heel.

It’s something I never ever wish to face again, and I was just exactly 8 and a half years then… Talk about trauma.

So even though I don’t know what will happen, I’m planning and planning and planning. The storm might die away or randomly change its tracks and go somewhere else – in fact I’m selfishly praying for that to happen. But no matter what, this time, I’m not going to be unprepared.

Tracking Phailin