Revamped MangaFox Downloader: Now Beta Testing

The link in this post has been updated to the most recent version of MangaFox Downloader. Please view this post to check the changes and additional functionalities.

Yep, I changed the name again. “MangaFox Ripper” gave me “The Ripper” chills. #TheVampireDiariesReference 😛

So the name “MangaFox Downloader” is neat, simple and self-explanatory. Yay!

And yes, this is a momentous occasion… The tiny little program that looked like a pimply gangly high-schooler, is now a professional-looking downloader, if I may say so 😀

Now you can download multiple chapters at the same time, stop the downloader if you want, and resume at your will! Finally can I now claim it’s a full-fledged Downloader. *Dances a jig*

And yes, this version is ready for beta-testing, so I’d really appreciate your help!

You can get the tiny li’l file (about 20kBs) right here.

There is no need to install. Just save the .jar file in the location where you want your manga chapters to be stored. Then in command prompt go to that location, and type in the command:

java -jar “MangaFox Downloader.jar”


Which will launch the MangaFox Downloader interface.


It actually DOES look like a real downloader now, doesn’t it *grins*

Next, is to get the link of the manga chapter from the free manga-hosting website,

You need to copy the link of the individual chapter, not the manga’s ‘home-page’.


Then all you have to do next is paste the link in MangaFoxDownloader’s Download bar, and click on ‘Add Download’ and you’re all set!


This version of MangaFox Downloader supports multiple downloads, so there’s no need for waiting for a chapter to finish downloading before you download others!


Hope you all enjoy!

Once again, you can find the downloader here:

The Downloader needs no installing. However, you WILL need to have JRE installed. If you don’t, you’re missing out a lot of fun! You can get it for free right here:

I’d appreciate your feedback!

If you want to know more about how this project came to being, check this out: Developing a project of one’s own: Manga Downloader


Geek Tips For the Ignoramus #1: Video Converters You GOTTA have

Hola, welcome to the very first entry in this section. It is unbelievable how many people call me up to ask how to convert a music video they have into audio; How to open the “damn” .mkv video files in dvd players that do not support them (no offense to to .mkv files, personally I love them 😀 ). The list goes on. There are online converters available but there is a limit to the size of the file you gotta upload, and then download.

And here’s where I step in – there are WONDERFUL converters available for download which are – wait for it – absolutely, legally free!

I know I’d looked so hard for a post like this when I’d first faced this ‘where can I find one’ situation and had wondered if I’d have to download some illegal, pirated rip version from somewhere (I know MY parents won’t gimme a dime for video converters, ha). Somehow I found ’em, and now life’s a breeze 😀 (That came out like SUCH an advertisement campaign lol).

So here’s a list of the best ones I know:

1. Any Video Converter

This had to come first in my list. It’s user-friendly, it’s fool-proof, and it’s FREE (:D). If you’re the kind of user who has a video and wants to get it converted into another format, be it .mp3, videos for phones, .avi, for your galaxy phone or your iphone – name it and you have it. It even has preset options so you don’t even need to think; just select the right option and it’ll do it for you. The part I personally love the most is its ‘split’ as well as ‘merge’ options.

Ever faced that situation where you loved one part of a movie and you just want to watch it over and over again, not the whole thing? You can just ‘split’ the part out into a new file and it’s done! Ever downloaded a movie from Youtube and it’s in multiple parts – and you want to have one complete movie file? You can use this one to merge too 😀 It’s handy, it’s east. So, yeah… It comes first in my list – especially in GTFI column 😀

Any Video Converter also has other settings to let you resize your movie and all, but while it’s user friendly and all, for those who can handle a little bit of details and complicated software I’d recommend you to move to the next on my list.

2. Avidemux

I might get to receive a lot of heat putting this one second on my list, but once again I remind you, this is GTFI! So please bear with me!

If you want to do a bit of editing, however, Any Video Converter is not the software; There is only this much editing you can do with splitting and merging. We all know, btw, that Windows Live Movie Maker is hardly anything but a joke. So for these cases, I recommend Avidemux. Once again, it’s free for download and a wonderful software.

I haven’t used my version of Avidemux much; I’m not much of a video-maker. My need for this little awesome software came in 2 desperate cases: 1. Once I had a movie I couldn’t absolutely delete and that 1 hour video was over 4gb. I’m not really a Blu-ray person and I didn’t feel the size was fair. But Avidemuxx lets you decrease the size of your video, AND keep you in charge of how much quality you can compromise with. Believe me, the output was something like 400Mbs (which is fair) and the I could hardly notice any deterioration in quality. The video size decreased to its one-tenth and I couldn’t feel any difference – isn’t it awesome?!

The second time I had something I couldn’t do without Avidemux, was when I had to rotate a video from my phone. Horizontal or vertical – this things no longer make sense when you shoot with phones, but I could rotate and crop my video to make it respectable 😀

There are lotsa other softwares available too, but these two are the ones I bothered to keep in the end 🙂 And it’s so possible that there are much better options available out there, and if you think there is, you should comment in this post!
Hope this helps 😀