MangaCrazy Problems

I know. I know I promised that a new MangaCrazy version would be out for Christmas, and I know you guys have been facing a lot of problems recently. There have been a lot of changes going around (Java 8, Windows 10 problems, Internet problems, you name it). My inbox is flooded with mails, both appreciation ones and panicked ones (!!), and the list of pending comments here in WordPress is overwhelming.

So I’m sorry, I just can’t reply to you all individually. I just hope that you drop by my blog again and see this, my answers to your questions.

  1. If MC is not running, PLEASE CHECK FAQ. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but there is a reason I created that page. Because. It’s got to be the MOST Frequently Asked Question here 😛
  2. Batoto. My nemesis >_< With every released version I update the code for Batoto and then it works… till it doesn’t. Right now they have thrown me a curve-ball and I have to do a lot of figuring out. If you are interested to know, here’s the basics: I fetch Manga images from the html code, but now Batoto fetches content via ajax so a lot of stuff needs to be changed.
  3. If you cannot download chapters from Mangafox and it shows unrelated error, I suggest you go to the site and open the chapter that’s failing. I noticed that some Mangas are licensed and hence not available anymore in certain regions, and that is not something MC is able to overcome at this moment. If it’s not so, I suggest you try downloading after a while, one chapter a time. It might just be a network issue.
  4. Will I add (INSERT_SITE_NAME_HERE) to MC? Well now that you posed the question, I now am aware of the site and if possible, will try and add it in a future release 🙂
  5. Similarly, will I add (INSERT_FEATURE_SUGGESTION_HERE) to MC? I have to say this, thank you for your idea(s), I really appreciate your suggestions. I may add it to MC (as I have done previously too) if it fits 🙂
  6. The link to MC v5.1 does lead to MC v5.1 even though the title says v5.0. I had released that hurriedly and forgot to change the text!

Since my classes started again and my coursework pile is growing at an alarming rate, I’m not able to give MC much time, and so changes are taking place at tortoise-pace. But, honestly, I will try to release the next version as soon as possible 🙂

Thank you for using MC, folks; and btw Geekista has had over 114,000 hits. When did THAT happen?!




Revamped MangaFox Downloader: Now Beta Testing

The link in this post has been updated to the most recent version of MangaFox Downloader. Please view this post to check the changes and additional functionalities.

Yep, I changed the name again. “MangaFox Ripper” gave me “The Ripper” chills. #TheVampireDiariesReference 😛

So the name “MangaFox Downloader” is neat, simple and self-explanatory. Yay!

And yes, this is a momentous occasion… The tiny little program that looked like a pimply gangly high-schooler, is now a professional-looking downloader, if I may say so 😀

Now you can download multiple chapters at the same time, stop the downloader if you want, and resume at your will! Finally can I now claim it’s a full-fledged Downloader. *Dances a jig*

And yes, this version is ready for beta-testing, so I’d really appreciate your help!

You can get the tiny li’l file (about 20kBs) right here.

There is no need to install. Just save the .jar file in the location where you want your manga chapters to be stored. Then in command prompt go to that location, and type in the command:

java -jar “MangaFox Downloader.jar”


Which will launch the MangaFox Downloader interface.


It actually DOES look like a real downloader now, doesn’t it *grins*

Next, is to get the link of the manga chapter from the free manga-hosting website,

You need to copy the link of the individual chapter, not the manga’s ‘home-page’.


Then all you have to do next is paste the link in MangaFoxDownloader’s Download bar, and click on ‘Add Download’ and you’re all set!


This version of MangaFox Downloader supports multiple downloads, so there’s no need for waiting for a chapter to finish downloading before you download others!


Hope you all enjoy!

Once again, you can find the downloader here:

The Downloader needs no installing. However, you WILL need to have JRE installed. If you don’t, you’re missing out a lot of fun! You can get it for free right here:

I’d appreciate your feedback!

If you want to know more about how this project came to being, check this out: Developing a project of one’s own: Manga Downloader

Let’s go on a topic hunt

It’s that time of the undergrad course. Oh yes, the pre-final semester of my 4-year course when I must prepare for campus, sit for multiple national level examinations like CAT and GATE (and international level ones like GRE and GMAT if interested), and still cope with the current semester’s curriculum and hold my own in the end-sem exams. AND work on a project that will ultimately account for 10 whole credits. Can somebody just kill me?

So according to the Department of Computer Science and Technology of my college CETB, we are supposed to work on a research based project as a team, and each team may consist of at most 2 members. Which is an elegantly alternative way of stating – “let’s have fun watching them squirm and burn!” I mean, I don’t mind the research-based project thing but dividing the workload among just 2 people? It sounds exhausting even before it begins, all the more especially because my friends in the Department of Information Technology can form teams of 4. Yay for us.

Well it can’t be helped – after all this isn’t some major injustice applied just to me. So the current status is – we have formed our groups (my buddy Shruti and I partnered up). We chose a generic area of interest and were assigned guides by the department. What comes next, is what’s important.


Till now, I don’t even have any particular affinity or inclination to any of the wide range of fields waiting out there – especially since I hardly know anything about them. Then only I would try and find some problem to fix, right? So yes, this is my chance to really explore what options I have before I go anywhere further.

So here I go on an area hunt, before I topic hunt… Here’s to good luck!

Aloha-mora (and yeah it’s intentionally misspelt!)

Hi there, Aloha! Behold what we computer-people call the “hello world” post 😀

Well I figured, since I already have two other blogs dedicated to two aspects of my life, why not have another one for the most important of them all?

I’m a Computer Science and Engineering graduate (well, almost) after all, so there’s nothing wrong with me going all out raving about little bits and bytes 😀

So here’s to starting an awesome blog!! 😀