MangaCrazy – the free Manga Downloader

*MC 5.3 is a bug-fix over v5.2 due to changes in host sites. Most of the description below holds true for 5.3.*

MangaCrazy v5.2 is out. Below is a comparision of MC v5 series and the old v3.9 to give you an idea of the features of the program. Read here to know more about v5.2.

I have made both versions 5 and 3.9 available here.

Check out this video intro to MangaCrazy v5.0 to know what the (slightly earlier version of) program can do.

As for the versioning, I skipped no.4 and went straight to 5, because of tons of new features that demanded it, like:

Features MangaCrazy v5.2 MangaCrazy v3.9
Partial Search Supports partial manga-name search. Lets you choose the manga you wish to download Supports full manga-name search. Compares different manga names to get the exact match and then proceeds to download
Manga Description Has a dedicated area for description of mangas.  No such facility present.
Separate areas for manga-search and Downloads  Yes  No
Lists mangas in other languages Yes (Batoto only) Allows download if link is pasted
Button to download all chapters at once Yes No
Queue Chapter Downloads Yes No
Proxy Connection Facility Yes No
Download Progress Download progress as well as wait estimate Just download progress
Track manga chapters downloaded Yes Yes
Store Mangas systematically Yes Yes
Compress Mangas .cbz and .zip .cbz and .zip
Supported Manga Sites MangaFox, Batoto, MangaGo and MangaReader (Some unresolved issues with Batoto) MangaFox, Batoto and MangaReader
Direct download of chapters from link MangaFox, Batoto, Mangago, and MangaReader MangaFox, Batoto and MangaReader

MangaCrazy v5.3

MangaCrazy v3.9

Previous Description:

MangaCrazy- the free Manga Downloader (Previously known as MangaFox Downloader) downloads manga chapter by chapter from the websites,, and absolutely for free. Get the latest versions from the table above!

Update History:

Updated – 25 Dec 2016: MangaCrazy v5.3 is out. MangaFox is functioning again, will work on other sites.

Updated – 01 Apr 2015: MangaCrazy v5.2 is out. Queued downloads, fewer ‘Error’ stats, proxy connection and an improved progress bar. Also, Archive has been updated too:)

Updated – 29 Oct 2015: MangaCrazy v5.1 out to fix quick errors.

Updated – 09-Mar-2015:MangaCrazy v5.0 is released early!

Updated – 14-Nov-2014: MangaCrazy v3.9 is here! Batoto issues  and ‘error’ issues have been resolved, and now manga can be downloaded in .cbz format. Read more here!(Download link available in the post too)
Archive has been updated, so if interested you may check out previous versions too 🙂

Updated – 18-Aug-2014: MangaCrazy v3.5 is here! The UI has been changed, and the search algorithm has been revamped. Read more here!
Archive has been updated, so if interested you may check out previous versions too 🙂

Updated – 26-May-2014: MangaCrazy v3.0 is now up! MangaCrazy now supports MangaBird and MangaReader too! Check out the blog post for details!! Download link present both in the post and down below.
Archive has been updated, so if interested you may check out previous versions too 🙂

Updated – 05-Apr-2014: Some bugs have been brought to my notice, but still not sure about one (fixing the tiny other one ASAP!) Please check this post (sorry about the redirection, but it’s important… )

Updated – 24-Jan-2014: The URL has been changed/updated! Grabbing the file is now easier. Please contact me if there is any difficulty.

MangaCrazy has been created using Java, so there is no need to install the file. The only requirement is that you need to have JRE on your system. If you don’t, you can get it for free here.


  • It’s platform independent
  • No need for installation
  • Small program size (about 110 kBs)
  • Supports downloading from the mangahosting sites Mangafox, Batoto, Mangabird and Mangareader
  • Just type the name of manga and all the chapters will be listed (same result if a manga’s URL from Mangafox/Batoto is entered)
  • If specific chapter URL from mangafox/batoto is entered, download starts directly
  • Choose where to store your manga
  • Choose how to store them: Systematic storage of manga chapters by Manga Name, chapter-wise or volume-wise
  • New: Keep track of manga chapters you have already downloaded to avoid mistakes
  • New: Choose your default/first choice of sites during search
  • New: Compress the downloaded manga chapters for easy viewing with manga-reading softwares.
  • New: Compression in .cbz form now provided
  • New: Double click on a completed manga to open it directly 

Check out the features explained with snapshots here! (It’s article about an older version, but all those features are still available.)

How to use:

  • Download the .jar file from the link given above and store the file where you want your manga to be stored. Let the location be C:\foo
  • It is an executable .jar file so it should run instantly on double clicking.

If the file does not run on double clicking:

  1. Please check if you have (the latest version of) JRE installed on your system.
  2. Check your .jar file association – it might have gotten associated with some other program like WinRar (esp in case of Windows). However, don’t worry as this can be fixed. This is how: I’ve tested it myself and it works.
  3. But if it doesn’t, there is the command line way.
  • Command line way: From terminal or command prompt, go to the location where you have stored the MangaCrazy.jar file and type

java -jar MangaCrazy.jar

If you face any problems, or have any suggestions or feedbacks, please leave a comment!

To get a better understanding of how to use the program, check herehere and here. To see how the MangaFox Downloader (now MangaCrazy) came into being and progressed through different phases, go here.


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the manga content downloaded , nor MangaFox or Batoto or any other sites that will in the future incorporated in this program. And these sites don’t own the manga content either. Mangas solely belong to their authors/artists, and it is an ongoing debate whether or not mangas should be scanslated (scanned + translated) and put online. So if it is possible, one should support these authors by buying their content whenever possible.

About reading these comics in places than Japan/Korea/China… it is made possible by the dedicated fanbase/scanslators… So I have endeavoured to retain the credits page while downloading the manga… and having made this program and making it available for free myself, I know the value of acknowledgement… So I suggest you just drop by their site and leave an encouraging comment to keep up their good work!

Thank you for downloading MangaCrazy… Hope you all enjoy it. 🙂

342 thoughts on “MangaCrazy – the free Manga Downloader

  1. I got error when try to download a manga using ver 5.3

  2. Hi,
    The mangafox brings up url on the manga title sections and so on.
    The Batato and the rest brings up titles and descriptions but does not bring up any chapters, comes up with error or nothing at all.

  3. v 5.3 worked fine with mangafox prior to dec 27. now I only get “null” results

  4. v5.3 won’t open in Ubuntu. However on the same machine, v5.2 does open (but searches in MangaFox don’t show any results). Did something break in v5.3? 😦

  5. Hi dude Still not working for mangafox please Look in to it.

  6. I have the same problem….just broken URL all over the place 😦

  7. Im at my ends rope here since most of my manga download programs have left me, im having the same problems as the rest of the guys above me, no matter what manga i search for (On Mangafox) i get something weird popping up with a warning that says “Broken url detected.” every time i try to Fetch the chapters.
    I do hope you’ll manage to fix this however, it looks like a great program and i hope it could help me in the future as well. (Im using MangaCrazy 5.3 atm.)
    Thank you. 🙂

  8. I have the same problame ! with v 5.3
    . After typing the keyword in the search panel all I got was a list like this:


    So i decided to give manga reader a try 🙂 ! it searches for manga properly! but when I click on fetch chapters it doesn’t! and the cmd gives me a very long error
    this program is great !
    I really love it & need it so much 🙂
    please fix it ^_^

  9. for the version 5.3 when you copy paste the entire url of the manga you want then it seems to be working.

    • for the version 5.3 when you copy paste the entire url of the manga you want from the mangafox website then it seems to be working.

  10. Hello Manga fox stil not working in V5.3, is there no update to solve the problem soon
    Thanks & Best Luck

  11. I have problem with mangafox it’s not working when search manga it give me result html_xmlns__http___www_w3_org_1999_xhtml__xmlns_fb__http and more on other site is working

  12. I’m having several problems.
    1. It keeps resetting my preferred storage location to C:\windows\System32/My Mangas.
    2. Mangafox still doesn’t work.
    3. The other sites don’t work now too. I’m able to search the manga but not fetch the chapters.

  13. not working anymore. need a new update.

  14. Hi! I’m a newbie and i’m trying to use MC5.2. I located the manga, but in the Description it says “null” and i can’t fetch the chapters as the program says that I don’t have internet connection (but i do :(…) not sure how to fix it 😦

  15. I’ve been so in love with your app since ever but recently I’m always get some (mostly) errors! My connection was fine but why it’s always error while fetching the links? I’ve downloaded the lastest version though huhuhu hope you can fix it asap. Thanks a lot

  16. I would like to marry you for creating this thou “) LOL

  17. Hi, it suddenly stopped working for some reason. It doesn´t download from mangago anymore. The message I always get says no internet connection 😦

  18. None of the versions is working for me. In 5.3, Mangafox gets me a strange text for the manga results, namely, html_xmins_http_www_w3_org_1999_xhtml_xmins_fb_…
    Batoto and the rest allow for searches but show no actual available chapters to download and only Batoto shows any descriptions.

    • I think Batoto wasn’t allowed any third parties to read any manga from them, since you need to login/register to read all of chapters…

    • Hey still getting the exact same issue described by nocturnalgloria ;O

    • Hi.
      I was using DomDomSoft Manga Downloader but it seems there severs ar down now and dont tink its come back again. So i startet serching for alternative and stambal on your work. I thing its a great program. Ho ewer after i run the program i got some problems:
      1. MangaFox – no manga name (html_xmlns__http___www_w3_org_1999_xhtml__…), no manga image, no description, and chapters broken link.
      2. Batoto – no chapters, or cant select a chapter, or wen you can select download queue status is error.
      3. MangaReader – no manga image in description and no chapters
      4. MangaGo – many mangas whit the same name, no description, no manga image and no capters.

  19. Broken URL detected on MangaFox with Null description, also the manga name showing is html_xmins_http_www_w3_org_1999_xhtml_xmins_fb_…
    On mangago, it also says Null on description and says No Internet Connection when i click fetch links.

  20. 5.3 is not running in Linux. (5.2 runs but that won’t download from MangaFox)

  21. Hiya,
    Seems most people have pointed this out but I’ll just reiterate in more detail on a per host basis:

    MangaFox – Gives a bunch of URLs instead of names for Manga (Such as html_xmins_http_www_w3_org_1999_xhtml_xmins_fb_… etc.)

    Batoto – Shows the list of manga on search and fetches chapters but on putting anything for download, the status says “Error”. (This applies for any manga, any chapter) Also only the last 2 – 3 chapters of any manga show up.

    MangaReader – This shows list of manga on search but on trying to fetch chapters the “Fetch Chapters” button is replaced with a second “Chapters | Has been Downloaded” header bar.

    MangaGo – Lists available Manga but gives an error saying “No Internet Connection” if we try to fetch chapters.

    Hope these issues can be fixed, I absolutely love the simplicity of this program as well as how well it does everything.
    Looking forward to the day that I can use this again for all my manga needs! 🙂

  22. I tried searching mangas and all that appeared is “html_xmlns_http_www_w3_org_1999_xhtml_xmnls_fb_…”

  23. All Links are broken, nothing works (chapters don’t load).

    Here is all the pics

    From the above none of the host site works for me

  24. I can confirm that Mangago worked for me on the 7th of January this year with 5.3. As of now though it allows you to search but no images load for the covers and when you ask it to retrieve the chapters it gives a no internet connection error. You can’t even see the chapters. Mangafox if basically the same as others have reported above. Search results are messed up

  25. Hi! ^_^! still have some problems, cannot download anything from mangafox and other don’t show any chapters

  26. Is not working for MangaGo.

  27. I can’t use this anymore, when I try searching with both versions…both say the connection is timed out, server lost, and no internet connection.

  28. Hi Can you please put a link for the version 5.2. I replaced it with 5.3 but none of the websites work ( I ‘m using linux )

  29. I’ve tried multiple manga, and each time, it says I have no internet connection, but I definitely do. 😦

  30. why the program always said “No internet Connection” ? I used my wifi to download the program, but when I try to download some manga, it always said “no internet connection”. pls help me..

  31. hi..was the site mangago not supported anymore? when you search the manga name it comes out but i cannot load the chapters and the manga info is not also loading? thanks!

  32. What to do? Whenever i click the java file, a dialog box appeaars saying “Could not find the main class: IU.Master Downloader”.

  33. was a good progam… but now doesn’t work (mangafox,
    Thanks by the hard work

  34. Hi there! I have downloaded your program on my Mac and have run into several problems through trying to open and run it. When double clicking the .jar file to run it, it starts the extraction process, which I understand is most likely because of the file association. Instead, I tried opening it with the terminal command promt you provided, but I run into this message “Error: Unable to access jarfile MangaCrazy.jar” I have the most recent version of JDK downloaded, I’m not sure exactly what the issue is. Any input or advice you can offer is much appreciated, I’d love to be bale to use this program!!

  35. I’m having the same problem as Tracy above. i’m trying to use MC5.3. I located the manga, but in the Description it says “null” and i can’t fetch the chapters as the program says that I don’t have internet connection (but i do :(…) not sure how to fix it 😦 I also notice that in the settings or options there is a 4th tab titled “connections.” It has blank lines and something about a proxy. This wasn’t shown in your video. I don’t know what any of that is or what I’m supposed to put there, if at all. I checked there thinking “connections” had something to do with why it said I don’t have an internet connection when I do. Please help. Thank you.

  36. chapters with .x ( x in [1,9]) won’t download Eg: downloading from 1 to 10 and there’s 1.5,2.5, .., 9.5 those won’t be downloaded

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