MangaCrazy – the free Manga Downloader

*MC 5.3 is a bug-fix over v5.2 due to changes in host sites. Most of the description below holds true for 5.3.*

MangaCrazy v5.2 is out. Below is a comparision of MC v5 series and the old v3.9 to give you an idea of the features of the program. Read here to know more about v5.2.

I have made both versions 5 and 3.9 available here.

Check out this video intro to MangaCrazy v5.0 to know what the (slightly earlier version of) program can do.

As for the versioning, I skipped no.4 and went straight to 5, because of tons of new features that demanded it, like:

Features MangaCrazy v5.2 MangaCrazy v3.9
Partial Search Supports partial manga-name search. Lets you choose the manga you wish to download Supports full manga-name search. Compares different manga names to get the exact match and then proceeds to download
Manga Description Has a dedicated area for description of mangas.  No such facility present.
Separate areas for manga-search and Downloads  Yes  No
Lists mangas in other languages Yes (Batoto only) Allows download if link is pasted
Button to download all chapters at once Yes No
Queue Chapter Downloads Yes No
Proxy Connection Facility Yes No
Download Progress Download progress as well as wait estimate Just download progress
Track manga chapters downloaded Yes Yes
Store Mangas systematically Yes Yes
Compress Mangas .cbz and .zip .cbz and .zip
Supported Manga Sites MangaFox, Batoto, MangaGo and MangaReader (Some unresolved issues with Batoto) MangaFox, Batoto and MangaReader
Direct download of chapters from link MangaFox, Batoto, Mangago, and MangaReader MangaFox, Batoto and MangaReader

MangaCrazy v5.3

MangaCrazy v3.9

Previous Description:

MangaCrazy- the free Manga Downloader (Previously known as MangaFox Downloader) downloads manga chapter by chapter from the websites,, and absolutely for free. Get the latest versions from the table above!

Update History:

Updated – 25 Dec 2016: MangaCrazy v5.3 is out. MangaFox is functioning again, will work on other sites.

Updated – 01 Apr 2015: MangaCrazy v5.2 is out. Queued downloads, fewer ‘Error’ stats, proxy connection and an improved progress bar. Also, Archive has been updated too:)

Updated – 29 Oct 2015: MangaCrazy v5.1 out to fix quick errors.

Updated – 09-Mar-2015:MangaCrazy v5.0 is released early!

Updated – 14-Nov-2014: MangaCrazy v3.9 is here! Batoto issues  and ‘error’ issues have been resolved, and now manga can be downloaded in .cbz format. Read more here!(Download link available in the post too)
Archive has been updated, so if interested you may check out previous versions too 🙂

Updated – 18-Aug-2014: MangaCrazy v3.5 is here! The UI has been changed, and the search algorithm has been revamped. Read more here!
Archive has been updated, so if interested you may check out previous versions too 🙂

Updated – 26-May-2014: MangaCrazy v3.0 is now up! MangaCrazy now supports MangaBird and MangaReader too! Check out the blog post for details!! Download link present both in the post and down below.
Archive has been updated, so if interested you may check out previous versions too 🙂

Updated – 05-Apr-2014: Some bugs have been brought to my notice, but still not sure about one (fixing the tiny other one ASAP!) Please check this post (sorry about the redirection, but it’s important… )

Updated – 24-Jan-2014: The URL has been changed/updated! Grabbing the file is now easier. Please contact me if there is any difficulty.

MangaCrazy has been created using Java, so there is no need to install the file. The only requirement is that you need to have JRE on your system. If you don’t, you can get it for free here.


  • It’s platform independent
  • No need for installation
  • Small program size (about 110 kBs)
  • Supports downloading from the mangahosting sites Mangafox, Batoto, Mangabird and Mangareader
  • Just type the name of manga and all the chapters will be listed (same result if a manga’s URL from Mangafox/Batoto is entered)
  • If specific chapter URL from mangafox/batoto is entered, download starts directly
  • Choose where to store your manga
  • Choose how to store them: Systematic storage of manga chapters by Manga Name, chapter-wise or volume-wise
  • New: Keep track of manga chapters you have already downloaded to avoid mistakes
  • New: Choose your default/first choice of sites during search
  • New: Compress the downloaded manga chapters for easy viewing with manga-reading softwares.
  • New: Compression in .cbz form now provided
  • New: Double click on a completed manga to open it directly 

Check out the features explained with snapshots here! (It’s article about an older version, but all those features are still available.)

How to use:

  • Download the .jar file from the link given above and store the file where you want your manga to be stored. Let the location be C:\foo
  • It is an executable .jar file so it should run instantly on double clicking.

If the file does not run on double clicking:

  1. Please check if you have (the latest version of) JRE installed on your system.
  2. Check your .jar file association – it might have gotten associated with some other program like WinRar (esp in case of Windows). However, don’t worry as this can be fixed. This is how: I’ve tested it myself and it works.
  3. But if it doesn’t, there is the command line way.
  • Command line way: From terminal or command prompt, go to the location where you have stored the MangaCrazy.jar file and type

java -jar MangaCrazy.jar

If you face any problems, or have any suggestions or feedbacks, please leave a comment!

To get a better understanding of how to use the program, check herehere and here. To see how the MangaFox Downloader (now MangaCrazy) came into being and progressed through different phases, go here.


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the manga content downloaded , nor MangaFox or Batoto or any other sites that will in the future incorporated in this program. And these sites don’t own the manga content either. Mangas solely belong to their authors/artists, and it is an ongoing debate whether or not mangas should be scanslated (scanned + translated) and put online. So if it is possible, one should support these authors by buying their content whenever possible.

About reading these comics in places than Japan/Korea/China… it is made possible by the dedicated fanbase/scanslators… So I have endeavoured to retain the credits page while downloading the manga… and having made this program and making it available for free myself, I know the value of acknowledgement… So I suggest you just drop by their site and leave an encouraging comment to keep up their good work!

Thank you for downloading MangaCrazy… Hope you all enjoy it. 🙂

291 thoughts on “MangaCrazy – the free Manga Downloader

  1. Where Can I download the thing?

  2. MangaCrazy v5.1 unable to excute it in ubuntu where i can do that for MangaCrazy v3.9

  3. I’m trying to download “Sakigake Cromartie Koukou” from MangaFox, and many chapters/volumes are stopping incomplete with status “error”, but if I select them and press the resume button a couple of times, it eventually downloads them (slowly, after resuming a lot).
    Why is there not a retry feature that resumes incomplete downloads automatically? I can’t select them one by one and keep clicking resume. (using MangaCrazy 5.1)

    • Hi HorusRa,

      What you mentioned just now is one of the areas of focus for me. I am planning on doing something about it. In the meanwhile, I suggest you add a few chapters to the download queue in the meanwhile, and they will not enter the error state so easily. I know… it would be so convenient if it downloaded everything without a hitch!

  4. no update for future?

    • Hi Tamfan,

      Yes there will be future updates, but unfortunately not immediately. My schedule is very hectic at the moment, and it will remain so till july-august. So while I may fix urgent errors and upload them in the meanwhile, any major update is going to come after a while.. :/

  5. Hi is there a way to work behind a proxy?

  6. Hi, I was using the 5.0 version but the I choose the manga but the never appeared on the download queue, then I updated to the 5.2 versionbut now the download starts but always end with error, please help =/

    Sorry about my bad english.

  7. Thanks for this, it helped me a lot 😀

  8. Thanks, man. You’re a great help!

  9. Good product man…the retries are a little bit inconvenient though.

  10. Hi! Thanks for this great program, a real lifesaver! 😀 One question- are there any future plans to add a way to bookmark mangas or something, or get alerts when they update? again, fantastic program, you’re great!

  11. There seems to be an error with mangafox and mangacrazy as of 29th may?
    I tried dling the following:
    Until Death Do Us Part/ To Aru Kagaku No Railgun/ Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan
    and i keep getting errors even after retrying, this goes for all 3 versions 3.9, 5.1, 5.2

    • For what it’s worth, this is happening to me too. I tried to download SWAN and I’m not able to do it at all.

  12. Hey, was wondering if you could make it so that pages numbers are padded with 0 ? my e-reader doesn’t read the cbz file in the right order because it is numbered 1,2,3…,9,10,11 and it will read it in 1,11,12,13….2,20,21 order. Other than that, any hopes of opensourcing ? Thanks !

    • try cdisplayEX bro. had the same problem before but when i changed my reader to cdisplayex it worked wonders.

  13. I don’t think MangaFox is working with 5.2 anymore – I get an error every time I try and download anything from there, but it works fine with MangaReader.

  14. thanks a lot for this amazing software release! it really helps a lot and save times. I used to download per chapters or wait for the scanlator release :”)

  15. Hello! I try downloading from Mangafox and Mangareader…it verifies and says complete..but it won’t download the chapters?

  16. this v5.2 is really awesome so thanks 🙂 , can you like give an option to make error ones auto retry after a five seconds or so. it would really be great.

  17. Hey guys!
    Question here, how do you install it to your pc?

    • You don’t… Just download the .jar file and run it. If it’s not running right away, check out the instructions I have laid out in FAQ page.

      Lemme know if you run into problems!



  18. Super Fast; Reliable; Downloaded Mob Psycho’s more than 100 chapters in 7-8 minutes, which is outsanding; The app’s design is charmingly simiple; The compression (I used 80% quality) is fast and I haven’t spotted any errors wwhen opening the files (which is also so, so fast on .cbz files). I had some issues with other downloaders, because they missed chapters, but not with this one. This is 5/5*, the best manga downloader out there, good job.

  19. hi, i have tried your apps but every time i click the search button the result doesn’t appear, is there any solution ???

  20. Hi, I have tried and retried downloading Noblesse from Mangareader but they always show error.

  21. Oh man this is really cool!
    Thank you for developing this awesome program!

  22. This is a great program. Thanks for creating it.
    Feature Request:
    Compress by volume! That way, you create a single cbz for each volume, a volume defined the same way it is saved in a directory.

    • Hi Danosaur,
      This was a feature in one of the previous versions. though now I can’t say if it was in a released version or one of my trials 😀 The problem was internet connectivity – one chapter in a volume stops in an error and the volume-level compression left hanging!

      The way I see it, if you do not compress individual chapters, you can probably compress the entire manga into one huge archive ! (LOL)


  23. Have you considered sharing the source code on github?

    • Hi pmt,

      I did consider once, but in the end did not go open source because the version then was really low and I had more ideas in mind.

      Haven’t had the time to consider it again recently lol.


  24. one word. BRILLIANT

  25. Please help i can’t download the program when i downloaded the rar file i found that it contains just some folders and images and no exe file to run

    • Hi Badr,

      Do you have Java installed on your system? I think it is not the default app associated with .jar files. Please check FAQs, and use the Jarfix solution, and then MangaCrazy will work.
      Let me know if you face any problems.


  26. why v5.2 cant work for me? when i typing the manga name, it’s always “no internet connection”…(meanwhile, there’s good internet connection)
    why?… please help me… 😦

    • Hi Izzatul, That error msg is a generic way of telling you that it could not access the site. There may be multiple reasons :
      1. Slow internet connection
      2. Lot of traffic at the site or the site may be down
      3. Proxy settings

      Can you cross check and let me know if the problem still exists?


  27. Hi, first of all this is really useful software, but there is a small problem though… is file name created base on original or by mangacrazy? I think it would be better if you can make page number on filename 2 or 3 digit by default. for example: Manganame_C001_P002 or Manganame_C001_P02 instead of Manganame_C001_P2, since mostly people read on Zip or CBR file,
    With current file name, it won’t sort alphabetically/ in order. For example chapter that contain 13 pages, will sorted out like this p1, p10, p11,p12,p13, p2,p3,p4,p5,p6,p6,p7,p8,p9 when compress to zip file….

  28. Hi there, first of all I’d like to praise you for developing MangaCrazy, it has become a go-to resource for me. I am having some troubles, all of a sudden it seems that only MangaReader is working. The other sources either get an error message on all files (MangaFox) or do not even allow to search (MangaGo). I tried using earlier and more recent versions and the problem persists. Any idea as to what may be happening? I also checked and I do have the updated version of java running.

  29. Mangacrazy 3.9 suddenly stopped downloading from mangafox, displaying error in all attempts, I already sent the program log via feedback.

  30. When I download manga using mangafox server, it fetch the links but when it’s downloading it says error. Please fix, thank you!

  31. For some reason whenever its done fetching links The manga I tried downloading always receives an error? I tried doing 10, then 5 then 1 but there would still be an error, help TmT

  32. I can’t download mangas in Mangafox. It shows an error status after fetching links. I think Mangafox did an upgrade on their website. I’ve tried every manga downloader same problem can’t download mangas in Mangafox. thank you though 😀

  33. where is the manga list? why it can’t be updated?

  34. mangafox has increased security we gotta wait until new updates from manga downloaders to be able to get manga from that site again it seems

  35. I’m facing the same “Error” issue as the most recent commenters, after giving your program a try just now. I’ve been using DomDomSoft all along but it’s having trouble downloading the data files for the manga sites I would get from (has anyone been experiencing this?) & after some Googling I came across your program. Hoping you can help us solve this “Error” issue

  36. It won’t connect for me. I downloaded it and ran it, but when I put in a name for a manga it doesn’t show up for anything.

  37. yeah v 5.2 doesn’t connect to mangafox

  38. Hi…
    i try to download some manga..
    When i type the manga name and then click search…for a why it keep prompt message to input manga name…
    can some one help on this

  39. Hi Geekista,

    I just tried your latest release of Mangacrazy (5.3) and I am facing the following issue : When I search for a manga on mangafox, nothing appears in the list on the left.
    Some precisions on my problem :
    – I do not use any proxy
    – I have the same problem when I use the 5.2 version.
    – I checked and mangafox does not seem to be down atm
    – When I try searching on another site (mangareader for instance) the mangas appear in the list
    – I tried launching MangaCrazy via cmd to see what happens :
    – When I make a search on mangareader, the result and the search show in the cmd window (Pic to show :
    – When I make a search on mangafox, neither the results or the search shows.
    – Via cmd, I see that the version is labeled 5.2, maybe I downloaded the app before you updated the link.

    Can you please tell me if I forgot something or did something wrong ?
    Anyway a big thank you for your work on supporting this app and I wish you in advance a happy new year 🙂

    • Hi Fredo, You were right, the link on this page did not get updated (the correct link was in the blog post). It is fixed now, can you check again if it works? The version should show up as 5.3.

      Happy Holidays!

  40. im having the same issue with manga fox. hope it gets fixed soon and have a happy new year

    thanks 🙂

  41. New 5.3 returns a null for mangafox.

  42. Greetings Geekista! I tried to download manga series from Mangafox. After typing the keyword in the search panel all I got was a list like this:


    Whenever I click on either on the links, it sgows “null” in the description. To make sure I tried with other keywords, the result is the same. Is this the program’s fault or my system’s??

  43. v5.3 still not working properly when i search only url shows in left column..

  44. I tried the updated link. links for manga from the manga fox website now show up. but it says the links are broken when i go to get the chapters

  45. Hello Manga fox stil not working in V5.3, is there no update to solve the problem soon
    Thanks & Best Luck

  46. None of the versions is working for me. In 5.3, Mangafox gets me a strange text for the manga results, namely, html_xmins_http_www_w3_org_1999_xhtml_xmins_fb_…
    Batoto and the rest allow for searches but show no actual available chapters to download and only Batoto shows any descriptions.

  47. I can’t use this anymore, when I try searching with both versions…both say the connection is timed out, server lost, and no internet connection.

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